I have a knack for translating abstract concepts into succinct designs to create a strong brand identity. What excites me most is coming up with new ways to tell stories, whether it be through design with inventive layouts, quality motion graphics, clever illustration, or even more enthusiastically, the exploration of…

My parents stopped making my lunch in high school and started giving me lunch money, which was fine, but around Junior year I started to miss the feeling of packed lunch. I shared this with a friend who understood and surprised me with one the next day. She made me…

Starting as a child I connected to Garfield. I wasn’t a depressed kid, but I liked to complain. I also had two orange tabby cats during the first 18 years of my life, so for my whole life, I've always loved the look of those types of cats. I’m also…

Peaks, caverns, white grey

remnants of a past vice

a bouquet of monochromatic magic

delicate to the touch, leaves a dark mark

never empty

a spark will catch again

A pop-up event that creates a luxury night out from everyday deli foods and drinks. For a series of events, a bodega will be converted into a concert space, bar and restaurant using products that you would find at the deli on a normal day. Cocktails using cherry quarter waters, unique desserts using push pops and gushers, and the same ol BECs you cant get enough of. Local NYC legends Bobby Shmurda and 50 Cent will headline the concert series. This will be a unique way to promote bodega/deli products on a stage that they wouldn't normally get.

My first day at FIT was a normal day until I had to get to my first class. I entered the 6th Floor D Building Classroom with high spirits and even higher nerves. As I walked to an empty set I noticed how loud it was. There were loads of…

So you wanna live like a king huh? Well, now you have the kingdom all to yourself. The Queen is off picking the court jesters from karate and it's getting late. When you're the king of your castle, one must eat like a king and feed his kingdom. With Burger King’s new delivery app your kingdom is saved! Just make sure the dragon doesn't get on the table, or else your spoils will perish *bark bark*

To the Slow Walkers. I want to thank you from the bottom of my shoe that stepped in shit trying to walk around you. Honestly. You put things into effect that truly made me appreciate my life in NYC. I had nothing to clean it off with so I used…


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